Farmdecks Farms

Farmdecks owns Farms in Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Kerala. Extensive ND done on these farms and is a first – out – its – kind initiative in India. Ideal farms seminars and created trails are conducted using advanced technology. Regular soil testing is come out to study optimum nutrient requirement per soil per crop newer crop never crop varieties are tried and tested. Farmdecks also encourage the use out Bio pesticides and has a facilely for marking bio pesticides for their farms and contract farms. The best practices and R and D Result and shared with our Network read result and shared aim our network of contract farms.

A Deliciously Luxurious Gift

In India, they are usually found in western India. Mangoes from Aamraj in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, are known for their sweetness, texture and flavor. It is a heritage to be proud of, it is where Aamraj Premium gets its name from.

Tempered by the sun and the salty coastal breeze. Nurtured by the red soil of Konkan and the black rock of the Western Ghats. Divine mangoes are created only by nature’s design. Brought to you straight from the orchards of Ratnagiri.Aamraj Premium mangoes are known to induce euphoria when eaten. To make the world a happier place, these finest of fruits are exported to many parts of the globe.